Google eCommerce Integration

Our Google Shopping e-commerce solution integrates Google Shopping into your e-commerce platform. It’s very simple, with just a few clicks within your management panel the selected products will be sold on Google Shopping. Our system makes managing Google Shopping so much easier, no need to login to Google Shopping and upload products images, product details and endless forms, our system directly sends all the product data from your existing e-commerce website.

How does it work?

Google Shopping works in a completely different way to Amazon and eBay, Google Shopping is a publicity based system that promotes your products within Google Shopping. For example, somebody searching for a specific shoe brand and model, this data is typed into the search engine, and your advert will appear at the top of the Google main search results. Potential customers can then opt to click on your advert, this is also called a conversion, and when somebody clicks on your advert this is when you pay Google. You pay them for each conversion, not on each sale.

This system is very efficient because the potential customers are not doing general browsing. They are potential sales leads as they are already searching for a specific product that you sell, this means that if your product is competitively priced and they feel comfortable with the product and sales terms and conditions your provide, with a high level of probability the visitor will turn into a sale.

Google Shopping prices can vary on many factors, but the main factors will be: the price of the product you sell, the category of the product you sell, the target geographical location you want you adverts to appears and above all the existing demand from other Google Shopping retailers have on the same product you sell.

Geo-Targeting customers geographically is a great option offered by Google Shopping, you can target potential buyers based on their location. This can also be used to promote your business locally and offer additional services like free local delivery. There are many ways to use Geo-Targeting at your advantage.

Benefits of using our Google shopping eCommerce system

Reach tens of millions of potential new customers
Fast and easy management
Fully synchronized system
Customize the way you sell
Eliminate duplicate work
Trusted shopping portal

Benefits of using Google shopping

Increase your website traffic
Better qualified sales leads
Geo-Targeting potential customers
Higher click through rates
Better CPC return on investment
Reach more customers
Better Google ranking

Working with Google Shopping

Google Shopping works just like Google AdWords, it’s an ad auction system. Prices for adverts can vary depending on the current demand from other retailers demand for a specific product keyword.

All Shopping ads participate in an ad auction. Charges are only made when a potential customer makes one of the following actions:

User clicks an advert that leads directly to your product landing page on your website
User clicks an advert that leads them to your Google Shop landing page

This is called cost-per-click (CPC). You decide how much you’re willing to pay for each click.

Why use our Google eCommerce system?

Our aim is to help e-commerce business owners by simplifying their work. Our easy to use system which is added into your e-commerce platform integrates all the functions of Google Shopping. This facilitates your work by having all the data required ready available. All you have to do is choose what products you want to promote in Google Shopping, set your bid prices and budget, campaign dates and geographical locations and the system does everything else. This effectively reduces the time required compared when you manually have to input all the data in Google.

With our system you can easily select multiple products and get a campaign on the go in a matter of minutes, this ultimately helps your save time and money, allowing you to concentrate on other important aspects of your business.

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